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The best camps, at the best times, at the best price.

CampConnect is a comprehensive platform to help parents identify and register for the best summer camps, at the best time, for the best price.

The generative AI-enabled app produces custom, transparent, multi-week summer camp schedules that solve for interests, vacation, price, location, and multiple children (siblings and/or friends) while easing the burden of paperwork through a common application and shared access for health records and other forms.

Great for all parties!

For Parents

Parents love CampConnect as it reduces the complexity of finding and signing up for camps.  It offers detailed camp information and parent reviews to better understand the camp benefits.

It helps you manage signup deadlines and form requirements, reduce the time and energy needed to plan your Summer camps, and allow you to stay under budget. CampConnect allows you to manage multiple children and coordinate with your kids’ best friends.

For Kids

CampConnect facilitates the enrichment of children’s lives by providing them with diverse experiences, fostering personal growth, promoting social interaction, and encouraging physical and mental well-being.

For Camps

CampConnect provides camps with a platform to expand their reach, streamline operations, and enhance their overall camp experience. It offers valuable marketing opportunities, improved communication channels, and access to useful data and insights, ultimately helping camps attract and serve more families effectively.

How it works!

  • Sign up for a CampConnect account
  • Enter your kids interests, your preferred times and locations, and any budget considerations.
  • Search for camps and compare the best ones for you
  • Find out if your friends have the same interests and camp sign ups.
  • Set notifications for application and cancellation deadlines.
  • Upload required forms in one place, i.e, health records, preferred pickup persons…
  • Register with one common application and confirm your best Summer ever!